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What Makes A Vertex VIP Track Day Different?

One of the perks of owning a high-performance road or race car is the opportunity to drive it to your limit on track, reaching speeds not possible (or legal) elsewhere. Track days are the perfect place for this, but many of the existing offerings are not suited to supercar owners, due to the speed differences between these high-powered cars and the average track car, as well as the overall amount of cars booked onto each event, which results in a lot of traffic and queues forming around the track.

As a solution to these problems, we developed our idea of 'the perfect track day,' aimed at those who value unrestricted track time and a more private environment in which to enjoy their cars.

Perfect for supercars, track and race cars and those learning the limits through the guidance of their personal driver coaches. Vertex VIP track days aim to fill a gap in the market for a premium event with a focus on low car counts to keep the track as traffic-free as possible.


Aside from fast cars, interactive displays provide clients with the opportunity to experience the latest supercars and fine tailoring and relax off-track with the included breakfast and lunch or a handcrafted coffee.

Being a part of a Vertex VIP track day, as some of our clients have said, is almost like they have hired the track for themselves, an option which would cost significantly more than a place on one of our events! This is because our maximum capacity for each event is significantly lower than the average, sometimes as little as one third, which results in an average of just 8 - 12 cars on track at any point through the day.

We also include a range of added extras and all of the usual 'hidden costs' in our bookings, such as garage space, an additional driver and catering alongside other benefits such as photography, videography and one session of driver coaching. This is not only to be more transparent with the total cost of the track day, but also to provide a more premium level of service.

Our approach results in a much more relaxed, private, quiet and safe alternative allowing drivers access to more meaningful track time with fewer queues, less risk and less frustration.

For those of you who employ the services of a driver coach, our events are perfect for you. They allow you spend more time in-car with your coach working on your technique, rather than waiting for a clear track or a car to let you past.

Vertex VIP Track Days are non-competitive and we aim to create a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere for our guests. As a result, there is no timing or racing, but should you catch the bug and become interested in taking the first steps into competitive motorsport, through our Motorsport Management services, we are able to develop drivers from their first steps into racing, all the way to fulfilling their ultimate goals.

Take a look at our available dates here, we hope to see you on track soon!

What Is Included In Your Booking?

  • Open pit-lane track time.

  • Two driver wristbands, one car sticker.

  • Hot breakfast and lunch for two.

  • Drivers lounge access.

  • Exclusive use of a pit garage.

  • First come, first serve driver coaching sessions.

  • Professional static and action photography.

Optional Extras:

  • Additional drivers.

  • Additional passengers/guests.

  • Helmet and racewear hire.

  • 'Arrive and Drive' car hire.

  • One-to-one driver coaching.*

  • On-track static/rolling shots.

  • Videography.

  • Travel and accommodation arrangements​.


*More information and booking available here, Half and Full day options available.

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