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Noise Limits.

Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to the noise limits put in place by the local council of each circuit. Our compliance helps to maintain good relationships with each circuit and the future of our events.

If in doubt, we recommend you contact your local circuit who should be happy to carry out a noise test for you. The representative test is a static test using a handheld meter. The measurement is taken 0.5 meters from the centre of the exhaust pipes at a 45-degree angle whilst the engine is being held at 75% of the maximum RPM.

A few circuits now only carry out drive-by monitoring. This is reviewed constantly throughout a day, and if your car is generating significant drive-by sound levels, then you risk being black flagged and asked to address the noise level before returning to the track.

We recommend you to keep track of your car's noise level at each event you attend. As an exhaust gets older the sound level can increase, so if you are getting closer to the noise limit, we recommend you purchase an additional silencer or have your exhaust repacked.

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