Vertex Motorsport Management.

Whether you are an amateur racer or track day participant looking to tick items off your motorsport 'bucket list' or a young driver at the start of your journey climbing the motorsport ladder, we will work with you to create the right opportunities and put you in the right situation to achieve your goals.

This comes in many forms, a few examples are:

- Building a long term racing program, with a roadmap from gaining your first race licence through to your ultimate racing goal.

- Advising on and creating career plans to help you reach your targets.

- Finding and organising opportunities, from a single test in your dream car all the way to a full season of racing.

- Pairing you with the perfect co-driver or driver coach to help develop your driving skills

We bring a wealth of first-hand knowledge across all areas of motorsport, our core services are broken down into three areas:

Driver Development

Whenever, wherever you are on track, we can offer driver coaching to those who want to develop their skills. On-track coaching is the most cost-effective way to reduce your lap times, whilst also improving your general driving skill, confidence and consistency. It is important if you move towards endurance racing, that you build relationships with potential co-drivers. Having a long-term partnership with an experienced driver coach can make this process a lot easier when the time comes. We have always encouraged even experienced drivers to make use of a driver coach. Most professional racing drivers work with a coach for the majority of their careers, you never stop learning!

Career Guidance

With Vertex VIP, we can take you from your very first track day to acquiring your racing licence and then building towards and ultimately achieving your motorsport goals. No matter your experience level, we can advise on and uncover opportunities for you, to help keep moving your racing career forward to the next level. From a lifetime spent in motorsport, we have a vast network of contacts in teams and series to ensure that you are placed in the right car, in the right team, at the right time, to maximise each season of your career. We can also schedule tests and when available, 'taster' days, to let you test the waters before investing your hard-earned funding into a deal.

Motorsport Concierge

Whether it is organising flights, accommodation and a rental car, or making sure all of your equipment are up to date, our team is here to help. We have relationships with the top equipment manufacturers to make sure you always have access to the latest helmets, suits, boots, gloves and anything else you may ever need, whenever needed, and the opportunity to have it all custom designed and tailor-made. During race and test events, we will also have knowledgeable, experienced team members on-site to make sure you have someone to support you at all times.